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Multi-Purpose Silos (Tanks)

Multi-Purpose Silos (Tanks) Zoom
Multi-Purpose Silos (Tanks) Zoom
Multi-Purpose Silos (Tanks) Zoom
Multi-Purpose Silos (Tanks) Zoom
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Meridian Multi-Purpose SmoothWall Silos are built with industrial gauge steel and designed for a variety of commercial applications. These silos are build with an interior and exterior powder coating to ensure long life and performance. Meridian offers a variety of powder coating options including zinc and epoxies to ensure years of trouble-free storage, regardless of the commodity stored. Contact the industrial team today to learn more about using Meridian Multi-Purpose SmoothWall Silos for your next storage project.

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1. HSS (hollow structural steel) legs and bracing
2. Complete sidewall and roof ladder
3. 25” top opening
4. Vented top lid – spring loaded and ground operated
5. Retractable ladder
6. Powder coated interior and exterior
7. Stainless steel slide plate

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1. Fertilizer
2. Grain
3. Feed
4. Seed
5. Dry granular commodities

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Meridian Mfg. - Bid Lid Opener Bid Lid Opener
Meridian Mfg. - Bottom Manway Bottom Manway
Meridian Mfg. - Fan-Mounting Bracket Fan-Mounting Bracket
Meridian Mfg. - Flanged Auger Boots Flanged Auger Boots
Meridian Mfg. - Ladder Cage Ladder Cage
Meridian Mfg. - LevAlert LevAlert
Meridian Mfg. - Poke Hole Poke Hole
Meridian Mfg. - Roof Manhole Roof Manhole
Meridian Mfg. - Skid Foundation Skid Foundation
Meridian Mfg. - View Glass View Glass
Meridian Mfg. - Fall Protection Fall Protection
Meridian Mfg. - AirMax Aeration – Horizontal AirMax Aeration – Horizontal

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Bin Volume Calculator
Industrial Calculator Scheme
Industrial Calculator Scheme

Typical Lists

Diameter Hopper Angle Reg Hopper Angle Steep Typ Leg Qty
7   60 4
8   55 4
9   55 6
10   55 6
12 45 55 6
13 45 55 6
13.5 40 55 6
14 45 55 6
15.5 40 55 6
16 40 55 8
18 40 55 8
20 40   12