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Vertical Fuel Tanks

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Vertical Fuel Tanks Zoom
Vertical Fuel Tanks Zoom
Vertical Fuel Tanks Zoom
Vertical Fuel Tanks Zoom
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Meridian’s UL-142 approved fuel tanks feature the same design, strength and quality standards that incorporate all Meridian products. These double walled, 100% containment tanks are ideal for a variety of liquid products, preventing costly leaks and providing environmentally safe storage. Meridian’s exclusive powder coat finish outperforms standard paints with superior corrosion resistance, durable weather protection, and a sleek clean look, assuring customer satisfaction and decades of trouble-free service.

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1. Spare Fitting Ports
2. Emergency Vents (Vertical tanks only)
3. Containment Inspection Ports
Optional Features
1. Level Gauge
2. Skid base
3. Vents
4. Hose Reel
5. Pump package
6. Fill Package
7. Flame shield

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1. Oil storage
2. Diesel storage
3. Gasoline storage

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Not all models are available in every region.
VolumeDiameterEve HeightWeight
4000 gal.8’12’3550 lbs.
5000 gal.8’15’4150 lbs.
8500 gal.12’11’5600 lbs.
10000 gal.12’13’6200 lbs.
12000 gal.12’15’6800 lbs.
15000 gal.12’19’7900 lbs.
20000 gal.13’ 6”20’9600 lbs.
25000 gal.13’ 6”25’11200 lbs.
30000 gal.13’ 6”30’12800 lbs.


4000 gal.8’12’6400 lbs.
5000 gal.8’15’7600 lbs.
8500 gal.12’11’10100 lbs.
10000 gal.12’13’11250 lbs.
12000 gal.12’15’12400 lbs.
15000 gal.13’ 6”15’14500 lbs.
20000 gal.13’ 6”20’17750 lbs.
500 gal. (Available in Single Wall)4’6’ 5”1000 lbs.
1000 gal. (Available in Single Wall)5’ 5”6’ 5”1850 lbs.
2000 gal. (Available in Single Wall)5’ 5”12’ 6”3500 lbs.
4000 gal.6’ 4”20’ 4”6250 lbs.
4000 gal.

(Split 75/25)

6’ 4”22’ 2”7150 lbs.
4000 gal.

(Split 80/20)

6’ 4”26’ 2”8050 lbs.
5000 gal.6’ 4”24’ 4”7200 lbs.
850010’17’ 5”12750 lbs.
1000010’20’ 5”14300 lbs.
1200010’24’ 5”16350 lbs.
15000 gal.10’29’ 5”18950 lbs.


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1. Turn Key Systems
2. 35’ Hose Reel
3. Roll Off Style Skid Base

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Paint: 2 years.
Structural: 10 years.

To learn more, call your local dealer.