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CST-1550 Zoom
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Powered by a 50 hp diesel engine, the Convey-AllTM CST-1550 is equipped with its own hydraulic system, taking your seeding process to new levels of efficiency. Save time with the advanced, unloading belt conveyor system that ensures gentle and efficient seed delivery directly into your air seeder.

The six compartment, stainless steel tank is designed to transport seed and fertilizer simultaneously without damage or cross-contamination. At an unload rate of 2 tons/min, you will reduce fill time significantly allowing you to unload a total of 1550 cubic feet in under 20 minutes.

(Meridian’s sister company, Convey-All, is the premiere manufacturer of Commercial Seed Tenders. To see the entire Convey-All lineup, click here)

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1. Tier 4, diesel engine
2. 6 compartments
3. Stainless steel slave conveyor construction
4. Stainless steel slopes & gates
5. 12 gauge hopper construction
6. Two stage - epoxy/polyurethane coating system
7. 20” wide, slave conveyor belt
8. 25’ long, 16” paddle belt, unload conveyor
9. Self-contained hydraulics
10. Aluminum anodized hydraulic valves
11. Camera package
12. Weigh scale package
13. LED working lights
14. External ladder
15. 2 sight glasses per compartment
16. LED gate indicators
17. Air ride trailer
18. Aluminum outer wheels with polyethylene fenders

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1. Grain
2. Seed
3. Fertilizer

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Not all models are available in every region.


Discharge Heights Min/Max8’ 2” @ 15°
18’ 8” @ 40°
Swing Diameter144° Swing
43’ 2” Reach
Empty Weight25,060 lb
Ft3 / Comp. (Total)258.5
Units / Comp. * (Total)320
Bushels / Comp. (Total)208
Compartment Capacity ** Imperial8 Ton
Compartment Capacity ** Metric7.3 MT
Total Capacity ** Imperial48 Ton
Total Capacity ** Metric43.6 MT

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