520 Fuel Trailer

520 Fuel Trailer Zoom
520 Fuel Trailer Zoom
520 Fuel Trailer Zoom
520 Fuel Trailer Zoom
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Refuel at your convenience using a Meridian Fuel Trailer. Our all-in-one trailers will keep you in the field longer and increase productivity. The retractable diesel reel and auto nozzle eliminates tangled hoses and make refueling quick and easy. Constructed with trusted innovation and durability, the Meridian 520 Fuel Trailer saves time and frustration, transferring fuel from your farm to your equipment in peak planting and harvest seasons.
At this time new Fuel Trailers are only available for sale in the United States

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1. High Impact Powder Coat Paint Finish
2. 2 5/16” Ball hitch
3. Tandem 3,500 lb. Torsion Axles
4. Standard Front Deck
5. 520 Gallon Tank w Single Baffle
6. Low profile design with high visibility

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Agriculture, mining, forestry, rentals, road construction, oil field, snow removal – anywhere you need fuel on the go!

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Not all models are available in every region.

Capacity – 520 gallons

Overall Dimensions – 12’4” L x 7’9”W x 4’10” H

Weight – 1,600 lbs.

Color: bone white only

Trailer frame – tubular frame with powder coat paint

  • Tandem 3500 lb axle with electric brakes
  • Steel wheels with 14” tires 10 – ply minimum
  • Adjustable bumper hitch
  • Wire harness connector with standard 7 inch pin round
  • Shatter resistant poly fenders

Rear compartment

12 V – 15 GPM pump

Fuel hose – 12’ x ¾” hose and manual nozzle

Filter 10 micron

Power cables with factory clamps 18’

Battery box – battery not included

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1. Optional 55 Gallon 12v DEF System
2. Optional Upgraded 40 GPM Pump
3. Optional Rear Cover
4. Optional Dual Hose Reel
5. Optional Solar Charger
6. Optional Tool Box
7. Optional Spare Tire

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Warranty Registration Form.

MMI Products Warranty 2 2 16.

To learn more, call your local dealer.