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Dry Malt Silos

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Protect and store all your dry ingredients in a Meridian brew bin.  With a powder coated exterior and available food grade interior coating, Meridian bins and silos are crafted for quality to make malt grain handling and clean-out easy and efficient. Meridian also has a wide range of custom paint and decal options available to promote and advertise your brewery.  Whether you require a small grist hopper or a 300,000lb malt silo, Meridian Manufacturing can provide the perfect storage solution.

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1. Ø25” Non-Vented Triple Latch Lid
2. Ø25” Scroll Box w/Ø4” Fill Stub
3. Ø4” Pneumatic Fill Pipe w/Connections
4. Ø8” PVR Valve
5. Ø8” PVC Vent Pipe System w/Filter Sock
6. Lift Hooks
7. (2) View Glasses
8. Side Access Ladders
9. Rack & Pinion Slide Gate
10. R&P to Choretime Transition
11. Standard OSHA Fall Arrest System On 1019-55’s

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Safe storage options for any kind of dry ingredient required in the craft brewery industry.

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Not all models are available in every region.
  • Custom dry ingredient silo configuration and layout available to fit any size brewery or distillery.
  • No project is too small or too big.
  • Please contact a Meridian Sales Rep for custom configurations, specs and guidance.

Dry Ingredient Storage

Standard Sizes Available:

  • 1019-55° (60,000 lbs @ 34# pcf material) Item# 81039
  • 1212-55° Inset (60,000 lbs @ 34# pcf material) Item# 81296
  • 1212-55° Outset (60,000 lbs @ 34# pcf material) Item# 81295

Other sizes available upon request

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1. Special Paint Colors
2. Company Logo

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To learn more, call your local dealer.