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GrainMax® Hopper Grain Bins

GrainMax® Hopper Grain Bins Zoom
GrainMax® Hopper Grain Bins Zoom
GrainMax® Hopper Grain Bins Zoom
GrainMax® Hopper Grain Bins Zoom
GrainMax® Hopper Grain Bins Zoom
GrainMax® Hopper Grain Bins Zoom
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The GrainMax® hopper bin provides top-quality grain and seed storage at prices comparable to corrugated hopper combos. The GrainMax®’s seamless interior allows for safe and easy unloading while ensuring no trapped seed or contaminants on the walls or joints.

Completely self-cleaning with no bolts or ribs, the GrainMax® hopper bin is the safest and most efficient on farm grain storage solution available. With proven quality and durability, Meridian’s GrainMax® grain bins help you farm efficiently by saving you time and energy in your grain storage and handling.

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1. HSS (hollow structural steel) legs and bracing
2. Premium Rack and Pinion slide gate assembly with crank
3. Complete sidewall and roof retractable ladder
4. 25” opening /w 27” Lid – spring loaded and ground operated
5. Min. 40-degree bottom cone and 35-degree roof cone
6. 24" clearance under the slide gate
7. Premium Powder Coat*
*Exterior only

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1. Grain
2. Seed
3. Non-Corrosive Dry Flowable Products

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Not all models are available in every region.
ModelApprox. BushelsCubic FeetImp. TonsMetric TonnesBin HeightRec. Auger
14’ Diameter

40° Bottom Cone

15’ 6” Diameter

40° Bottom Cone

16’ Diameter

40° Bottom Cone

18’ Diameter

40° Bottom Cone

20’ Diameter

40° Bottom Cone

ModelApprox. BushelsCubic FeetImp. TonsMetric TonnesBin HeightRec. Auger
13’ Diameter

45° Bottom Cone

1310GM15331816454121’ 6”41’
1315GM20932480625626’ 6”51’
1320GM26533194787131’ 6”61’
1325GM32123807958636’ 6”71’
1330GM3772447111210141’ 6”71’
1335GM4332513512811646’ 6”81’
13’ 6” Diameter

40° Bottom Cone

1412GM18812213555024’ 1 13/16”51’
1420GM28543358847631’ 9 13/16”61’
1425GM346340741029236’ 9 13/16”71’
1430GM4071479012010941’ 9 13/16”71’
1435GM4680550613712546’ 9 13/16”79’
ModelApprox. BushelsCubic FeetImp. TonsMetric TonnesBin HeightRec. Auger
15’ 6” Diameter

40° Bottom Cone

GM3000-US30433580908228’ 9”51’
GM4000-US3845432311410333’ 9”61’
GM5000-US4646546613812538’ 9”71’
GM6000-US5413636816214743’ 2”71’
ModelApprox. BushelsCubic FeetImp. TonsMetric TonnesBin HeightRec. Auger
12’ Diameter

40° Bottom Cone

1208GM10641252393518’ 8”36’
13’ 6” Diameter

40° Bottom Cone

1412GM18812213696323’ 9”46’
1420GM285433581049431’ 9”56’
1425GM3462407312611436’ 9”61’
16’ Diameter

40° Bottom Cone

1615GM32643840988928’ 11”53’
1620GM4118484512411233’ 11”66’
1625GM4973585114913538’ 11”66’

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Meridian Mfg. - Bid Lid Opener Bid Lid Opener
Meridian Mfg. - Bottom Manway Bottom Manway
Meridian Mfg. - Fan-Mounting Bracket Fan-Mounting Bracket
Meridian Mfg. - Flanged Auger Boots Flanged Auger Boots
Meridian Mfg. - Ladder Cage Ladder Cage
Meridian Mfg. - LevAlert LevAlert
Meridian Mfg. - Poke Hole Poke Hole
Meridian Mfg. - Roof Manhole Roof Manhole
Meridian Mfg. - Skid Foundation Skid Foundation
Meridian Mfg. - View Glass View Glass
Meridian Mfg. - Fall Protection Fall Protection
Meridian Mfg. - AirMax Aeration - Vertical AirMax Aeration - Vertical
Meridian Mfg. - AirMax Aeration – Horizontal AirMax Aeration – Horizontal

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Appropriate Bin Size Calculator

Bin Holding Capacity Calculator

Bushel capacities are approximate.

Feed bin capacities are based on 40 lbs/ft3.

All fertilizer bins, steep cone bins and liquid bins capacities are based on 62 lbs/ft3.

To select the most appropriate bin size for your storage, please follow these steps:

  • Determine product density (lbs/ft3).
  • Convert the total tonnage being stored to lbs, then divide by the density.
    • The result is the cubic foot capacity you require.
    • Ex. You need to store 100 MT of urea fertilizer with a density of 48 lbs.
      100 x 2204 = 220,400 / 48 = 4592 (Min. ft3 required)

To calculate a bins holding capacity of a specific product, follow these steps:

  • Determine product density (lbs/ft3).
  • Multiply the bins cubic foot capacity by the product density, then divide by 2204.

Ex. Your fertilizer blend weights 57 lbs/ft3 and your purchasing a model 1425 fertilizer bin. Model 1425 = 4065 ft3 x 57 lbs = 231,648 lbs / 2204 = 105 MT. Your new 1425 will hold approx. 105 MT of your specific fertilizer blend.