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240 Series Seed Express™ Bulk Seed Tender®

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Meridian Seed Express® Bulk Seed Tender® are manufactured to accommodate multiple objectives and operations, with the largest selection in the seed handling industry.  We take the work out of loading seed into your planter or drill, decreasing the downtime in the field, while keeping your tractor and planter moving.  We’ve optimized our tenders for various seed products and recommend the unit with the options and accessories to best suit your farming operation.

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1. 6” or 8” 19’ Cleated Belt Conveyor Hydraulic Driven 2700 bushels per hour
2. Roll Tarp
3. Easy access Ladder
4. Auto Convey Scale Kit (Optional)
5. Tandem 7000 lb Torsion Axels
6. (2) 120 unit compartments
7. 6" poly-cup auger
8. Honda motor
9. 2 5/6 Ball hitch
10. High Impact Powder Coat Paint (not shown)
11. Hydraulic Swing & Raise/Lower (not shown)
12. Up to 11’ 7” Discharge height (not shown)
13. Up to 2000 # per min discharge (not shown)
14. Hydraulic Gates (not shown)
15. 6 function Wireless Remote w Scale readout (not shown)

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All models work great for handling commodities like corn, beans, wheat, and oats.

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Not all models are available in every region.


  • Controls seed level
  • Gentle seed handling means less seed loss
  • Save time in the field
  • One person control

This easy to use model is designed to handle and transport seed from mini-bulk bags, seed boxes or from a bulk seed facility. It is a very economical choice. Our 240 features a hydraulic lower and raise conveyor for start/stop operation with variable speed settings. It also includes manual gates and conveyor rotation along with an electric start engine.

  • Options:
  • 7” x48” short spout
  • Talc applicator.
  • 3 Tier Telescoping Spout feet of reach
  • 11’ 4” Discharge height
  • Remote Throttle control
  • 6” 19’ Cleated belt Conveyor
  • Roll Tarp
  • 2 5/16” Ball Hitch
  • Tandem 7000 lb Torsion Axels
  • Access Ladder
  • GX 340 Honda Motor electric start –
  • Hydraulic Raise/Lower
  • Manual Gates
  • View Glass
  • (2) 120 unit compartments
  • High Impact Powder Coat Paint

The 240RT features Meridian’s advanced five feature control system with hydraulic drive to adjust discharge height, rotate conveyor 180 degrees to the left or right, open/close the gates, start/stop the conveyor or run the conveyor drive system as well as starting/stopping the engine. It is conveniently controlled via a wireless remote. This Seed Express 240RT is designed to handle and transport seed in mini-bulk bags, seed boxes or from a bulk seed facility.


  • Bumper trailer
  • a trailer with two 7,000 lb. axles (T1400ST)
  • scale with digital readout
  • auto convey scale package
  • spout choices (2-tier 10” spout, 3-tier 7” spout, a short stub spout or a quick tach)
  • 8:x19’ cleated conveyor that unloads up to 2500 lbs/minute and talc applicator

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Meridian’s talc applicator is available on conveyor style seed tenders and the Titan SR2 models. It has the ability to apply talc or graphite to your commodities. The internal agitator ensures that everything flows smoothly.

  • Ability to apply up to 1/2 pound of talc per minute
  • Holds up to 20 pounds of talc in a four gallon container
  • Internal agitator keeps talc clump free
  • Automatically powers on and off when the conveyor is started (on hydraulic units only)
  • Capable of powering on and off via Meridian's wireless remote
  • Manual override switch
  • Manual speed selector
  • Can be used for talc or graphite

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