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Mobile Cement Silo MCS-160

Mobile Cement Silo MCS-160 Zoom
Mobile Cement Silo MCS-160 Zoom
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The all new Meridian MCS-160 is the versatile cement storage solution. Designed to be easily transported and relocated on a heavy duty trailer, it allows for practical and dependable storage from site to site.

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1. Transfer System
2. Filling
3. Air Control
4. Control Panel

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Not all models are available in every region.
3760 Cubic FeetHeight: 47’
Capacity (suspended, 75lbs./CF): 160 Ton | 145 M.T.Base: 12’ 5’’ X 12’ 5’’
Capacity (packed, 90lbs./CF): 192 Ton | 174 M.T.

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• 60HP Blower Package with TEFC Motor & Coupling
• Silencer System Pre-Cleaner
• Pressure Relief Valve
• Heavy-Duty Base
• Smoot Rotary Air Lock
• 2HP VFD Drive System
• 8 Vane with Enclosed End Plates
• Bolt-on Rotor Tips made of AR Steel
• Outboard Bearings with Chesterton 412 Packing Material
• Chrome Plated Body & End Plates
• Low Pressure Air Purge System
• Maximum Output @ 100% is 2688 Ft3/Hour

• Two 5’’ Lines with Pinch Valve
• Fill Line Overfill Control System
• Silo Top Dust Collector
• High Level Indicator

• 7.5HP Air Compressor with 80 Gallon Tank
• Central Air System
• Air Solenoids
• Air Filter
• Pressure Regulators
• Aeration Pads with Manifold for Silo Cone
• Pre-wired to Control Panel

• Pre-wired Automatic Control Panel
• Auto / Manual Switches for Major Components
• Alarm Lights for Level Indicators
• Alarm Horn for Overflow System
• Main Service Disconnect
• E-Stop
• VFD Control for Vane Feeder
• Overpressure Switch for Transfer System
• Automatic Flow Control of Transferred Material

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10 Year Structural Warranty. Commercial Warranty.

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