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Stainless Steel Hopper Bins

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Stainless Steel Hopper Bins Zoom
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Meridian’s Stainless Steel Hopper Bins offer reliable and durable storage for your corrosive dry bulk solids.  Built with 304 stainless steel, these bins combine the efficiency of a hopper bin with the long lasting performance of stainless steel.  Meridian Stainless Steel Hopper Bins are used in a wide range of industries, including agri-business, brewing and more.  To prevent condensation, Meridian offers a powder coat finish for certain applications that require heat conductivity and heat deflection.  Trust your dry bulk solids to Meridian Stainless Steel Hopper Bins for years of storage confidence.

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1. HSS (hollow structural steel) legs and bracing
2. Minimum 12-gauge construction
3. Complete sidewall and roof ladder
4. Heavy Duty flanged bottom opening with stainless steel bottom plate
5. 25” top opening
6. Vented top lid – spring loaded and ground operated
7. Retractable ladder

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1. Fertilizer
2. Corrosive materials
3. Spent grain

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Not all models are available in every region.
Model #Cubic FeetUS GallonImp. GallonMetric TonneBin Height

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1. Flanged bolt on slide gate assembly – interchangeable with SS liquid plate for dry commodities
2. 3/4″ Site Tube with valves top and bottom

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Meridian Stainless Steel tanks are guaranteed against defects in material or workmanship for a period of two (2) years from date of purchase, and are warrantied to be free from leaks for a period of ten (10) years from date of purchase, provided the said products are set up according to its instructions and recommendations and also that the said products are operated and used in proper conditions and according to its instructions and recommendations.

Stainless steel is not compatible with all types of chemicals. Meridian stainless steel (SS) tanks are designed for the specific purpose of storing standard fertilizer’s such as 28-0-0 or a dry fertilizer equivalent. It is the responsibility of the end user to ensure the products stored are compatible with the 304L SS or 316 SS materials used to manufacture.