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Meridian offers custom designed smooth wall bins for storing a wide range of flour, powder, meal or middling products from milled grains. These bins can be engineered with cone bottoms up to a 70 degree angle for easy flow, and constructed with either a leg support system or a skirted structural base. Pneumatic systems are used for filling these bins with various discharge options available. Trust Meridian to design the perfect storage and handling plan that’s customized for you.

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1. Hoppered for easy discharge and best flow
2. Premium powder coat
3. Contaminant –free storage
4. Meridian Powder Coating*
*Powder Coating is not available on all sizes and in all regions.

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Specifically designed silos for all kinds of product storage including wheat flour, rice flour, corn meal, soybean meal, wheat middlings, rice bran, distillery dry grains and cereal grains.

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Not all models are available in every region.

Meridian offers many food grade interior options. Our design services create a collaborative solution with each customer. Meridian’s experienced staff uses the latest design trends, computer programs and proven strategies to conceptualize equipment options. We offer a wide portfolio of standard sizes as well as convenient add-ons to meet any operational needs. All steel components and materials are designed and selected for each application followed by rigorous cleaning and storage requirements. Our workmanship sets the standard for excellence with meticulous attention to quality and detail. Meridian transforms ideas into a customized innovative solution that’s engineered to fit your operation. Call us today!

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1. Custom hopper designs for specific applications
2. Best flow options
3. Structural design services for overhead equipment support
4. Pressure vacuum hatch

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To learn more, call your local dealer.

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Typical Lists

DiameterHopper Angle RegHopper Angle SteepTyp Leg Qty
7 604
8 554
9 556
10 556
2040 12