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Corrugated Flat Bottom Bins

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Meridian Corrugated Flat Bottom Grain Bins are structurally engineered to accommodate today’s on-farm storage needs. And, we can provide the turnkey solution you need with features like automated loading and unloading as well as full floor aeration.

The Meridian Corrugated Flat Bottom Grain Bin is an excellent option for large capacity needs and crop conditioning for a variety of crops including cereal grains, canola, peas, and more.

In house engineered with high-quality materials to withstand extreme temperatures, high winds, and heavy snow loads these turnkey grain bins take the stress out of your large storage needs.

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1. Single-Cor. Bins (5” Corrugation)
2. Heavy Gauge Sheets for Superior Strength
3. Precision Fitting Components
4. Vertical Seams Double Bolted
5. Roof - 30 Degree Slope
6. Bin Lid - 40” Diameter c/w Remote Lid Opener
7. Interior Side Wall Ladder
8. 3 Panel Walk-in Door
9. Sizes: 33’ – 36’ – 42’ Diameter
10. Other sizes available upon request.
11. 5-7 Ring Bins Unstiffened
12. 8-12 Ring Bins Stiffened
Optional Features
1. Full Floor Aeration (.050 perf.)
2. Free Air Welded Truss Supports
3. 11” U-Trough Unload & 7.25” Bin Sweep
4. Roof Vents (16” rd.)
5. Spiral Staircase
6. Full Centrifugal Fan
7. Inline Fans
8. Low Speed Centrifugal Fans
9. Temperature and Moisture Cables
10. Grain Monitor

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1. Grain storage
  • Cereal Grains
  • Canola
  • Pea
  • Lentils
  • Corn
  • Soybean
2. Grain conditioning
3. Grain drying

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Not all models are available in every region.
Bin DiameterTiersBushelsCapacity (Wheat & Soybeans)Capacity (Corn)Cubic Feet
21’89361303 tons275 MT262 tons238 MT11,648 ft³
21’910,464339 tons307 MT293 tons266 MT13,021 ft³
24’812,325399 tons362 MT345 tons313 MT15,336 ft³
24’913,765445 tons404 MT385 tons350 MT17,128 ft³
24’1015,205492 tons446 MT426 tons386 MT18,920 ft³
24’1116,646539 tons489 MT466 tons423 MT20,712 ft³
24’1218,086585 tons531 MT506 tons459 MT22,504 ft³
27’815,722509 tons461 MT440 tons399 MT19,562 ft³
27’917,544568 tons515 MT491 tons446 MT21,831 ft³
27’1019,367627 tons568 MT542 tons492 MT24,099 ft³
27’1121,190686 tons622 MT593 tons538 MT26,367 ft³
27’1223,013745 tons675 MT644 tons584 MT28,635 ft³
30’819,560633 tons574 MT548 tons497 MT24,339 ft³
30’92,1811706 tons640 MT611 tons554 MT27,139 ft³
30’1024,061778 tons706 MT674 tons611 MT29,939 ft³
30’1126,312851 tons772 MT737 tons668 MT32,739 ft³
30’1228,562924 tons838 MT800 tons725 MT35,540 ft³
33’823,852772 tons700 MT668 tons606 MT29,679 ft³
33’926,575860 tons780 MT744 tons675 MT33,067 ft³
33’1029,298948 tons860 MT820 tons744 MT36,456 ft³
33’1132,0211036 tons940 MT896 tons813 MT39,844 ft³
33’1234,7441124 tons1020 MT973 tons882 MT43,233 ft³
36’828,605925 tons840 MT801 tons727 MT35,593 ft³
36’931,8461030 tons935 MT892 tons809 MT39,626 ft³
36’1035,0861135 tons1030 MT982 tons891 MT43,658 ft³
36’1138,3271240 tons1125 MT1073 tons973 MT47,691 ft³
36’1241,5681345 tons1220 MT1164 tons1056 MT51,723 ft³
42’735,1201136 tons1031 MT983 tons892 MT43,700 ft³
42’839,5311279 tons1160 MT1107 tons1004 MT49,189 ft³
42’943,9421422 tons1290 MT1230 tons1116 MT54,677 ft³
42’1048,3531564 tons1419 MT1354 tons1228 MT60166 ft³
42’1152,7641707 tons1549 MT1477 tons1340 MT65,654 ft³
42’1257,1751850 tons1678 MT1601 tons1452 MT71,143 ft³
48’535,6831154 tons1047 MT999 tons906 MT44,400 ft³
48’641,4371341 tons1217 MT1160 tons1052 MT51,559 ft³
48’747,1921527 tons1386 MT1321 tons1199 MT58,721 ft³
48’853,0741717 tons1558 MT1486 tons1348 MT66,039 ft³
48’958,8281903 tons1727 MT1647 tons1494 MT73,199 ft³
48’1064,5832098 tons1904 MT1808 tons1640 MT80,360 ft³
48’1170,3372276 tons2065 MT1969 tons1786 MT87,520 ft³
48’1276,0922462 tons2234 MT2130 tons1933 MT94,681 ft³

18’ Stiffened Bins and other 21’ stiffened bins available by request.

Contact (800) 661-436 for more information.

Bin DiameterWeightWall Height (A)Overall Height (B)Auger Required*
21’6857 lbs.3110 kg30′-3″36′-2″66’
21’7641 lbs.3466 kg34′-0″39′-11″72’
24’7959 lbs.3610 kg30′-3″37′-0″66’
24’8854 lbs.4016 kg34′-0″40′-10″72’
24’9981 lbs.4527 kg37′-10″44′-7″79’
24’11704 lbs.5309 kg41′-7″48′-4″85’
24’12664 lbs.5744 kg45′-4″52′-1″95’
27’9463 lbs.4292 kg30′-3″37′-11″66’
27’10468 lbs.4748 kg34′-0″41′-8″72’
27’11820 lbs.5361 kg37′-10″45′-5″79’
27’12923 lbs.5862 kg41′-7″49′-3″85’
27’14865 lbs.6743 kg45′-4″53’95’
30’11670 lbs.5293 kg30′-3″38′-5″66’
30’13097 lbs.5941 kg34′-0″42′-3″72’
30’14946 lbs.6779 kg37′-10″46’79’
30’16235 lbs.7364 kg41′-7″49′-9″85’
30’18941 lbs.8591 kg45′-4″53′-6″95’
33’13585 lbs.6162 kg30′-3″39′-4″72’
33’15290 lbs.6935 kg34′-0″43′-1″79’
33’17041 lbs.7730 kg37′-10″46′-10″85’
33’18580 lbs.8428 kg41′-7″50′-8″95’
33’21840 lbs.9906 kg45′-4″54′-5″105’
36’15443 lbs.7005 kg30′-3″40′-2″72’
36’17303 lbs.7849 kg34′-0″43′-11″79’
36’19342 lbs.8773 kg37′-10″47′-9″95’
36’24887 lbs.11289 kg41′-7″51′-6″95’
36’19448 lbs.8821 kg45′-4″55′-3″105’
42’18002 lbs.8166 kg26’-6”38’-2”79’
42’21595 lbs.9795 kg30′-3″41′-11″85’
42’24189 lbs.10972 kg34′-0″45′-8″85’
42’26693 lbs.12108 kg37′-10″49′-5″95’
42’30970 lbs.14048 kg45′-4″57′-0″105’

18’ Stiffened Bins and other 21’ stiffened bins available by request.

Contact (800) 661-436 for more information.

Bin DiameterTiersBushelsCapacity (Wheat & Soybeans)Capacity  (Corn)Cubic Feet
15’31,88761 tons55 MT53 tons48 MT2,348 ft³
15’42,44979 tons72 MT69 tons62 MT3,048 ft³
15’53,01297 tons88 MT84 tons76 MT3,748 ft³
15’63,575116 tons105 MT100 tons91 MT4,448 ft³
15’74,137134 tons121 MT116 tons105 MT5,148 ft³
18’32,77290 tons81 MT78 tons70 MT3,449 ft³
18’43,582116 tons105 MT100 tons91 MT4,457 ft³
18’54,392142 tons129 MT123 tons112 MT5,465 ft³
18’65,203168 tons153 MT146 tons132 MT6,473 ft³
18’76,013195 tons176 MT168 tons153 MT7,482 ft³
21’33,848124 tons113 MT108 tons98 MT4,788 ft³
21’44,950160 tons145 MT139 tons126 MT6,160 ft³
21’56,053196 tons178 MT169 tons154 MT7,532 ft³
21’67,156232 tons210 MT200 tons182 MT8,904 ft³
21’78,259267 tons242 MT231 tons210 MT10,276 ft³
24’46,563212 tons193 MT184 tons167 MT8,167 ft³
24’58,004259 tons235 MT224 tons203 MT9,959 ft³
24’69,444306 tons277 MT264 tons240 MT11,751 ft³
24’710,884352 tons319 MT305 tons276 MT13543 ft³
27’48,430273 tons247 MT236 tons214 MT10,489 ft³
27’510,253332 tons301 MT287 tons260 MT12,758 ft³
27’612,076391 tons354 MT338 tons307 MT15,026 ft³
27’713,899450 tons408 MT389 tons353 MT17,294 ft³
30’410,558342 tons310 MT296 tons268 MT13,137 ft³
30’512,808414 tons376 MT359 tons325 MT15,938 ft³
30’615,059487 tons442 MT422 tons382 MT18,738 ft³
30’717,309560 tons508 MT485 tons440 MT21,538 ft³
33’412,959419 tons380 MT363 tons329 MT16,125 ft³
33’515,683507 tons460 MT439 tons398 MT19,514 ft³
33’618,406595 tons540 MT515 tons467 MT22,902 ft³
33’721,129684 tons620 MT592 tons537 MT26,291 ft³
36’415,642506 tons459 MT438 tons397 MT19,463 ft³
36’518,883611 tons554 MT529 tons480 MT23,496 ft³
36’622,123716 tons649 MT619 tons562 MT27,528 ft³
36’725,364821 tons744 MT710 tons644 MT31,561 ft³
42’421,887708 tons642 MT613 tons556 MT27,234 ft³
42’526,298851 tons772 MT736 tons668 MT32,723 ft³
42’630,709993 tons901 MT860 tons780 MT38,211 ft³

*24” Concrete pad calculated into overall height for auger length
**Auger length is based on level ground. If ground slopes away from bin it needs to be taken into consideration

Bin DiameterWeightEave Height (A)Overall Height (B)Auger Required*
15’1883 lbs.854 kg11′-5″15′-7″33’
15’2385 lbs.1082 kg15′-2″19′-4″39’
15’2986 lbs.1354 kg18′-11″23′-1″46’
15’3616 lbs.1640 kg22′-8″26′-11″53’
15’4442 lbs.2015 kg26′-6″30′-8″59’
18’2253 lbs.1022 kg11′-5″16′-5″33’
18’2958 lbs.1342 kg15′-2″20′-2″39’
18’3567 lbs.1618 kg18′-11″23′-12″53’
18’4421 lbs.2005 kg22′-8″27′-9″53’
18’5362 lbs.2432 kg26′-6″31′-6″59’
21’2706 lbs.1227 kg11′-5″17′-4″39’
21’3541 lbs.1606 kg15′-2″21′-1″46’
21’4268 lbs.1936 kg18′-11″24′-10″53’
21’5361 lbs.2432 kg22′-8″28′-7″53’
21’6673 lbs.3027 kg26′-6″32′-5″59’
24’4044 lbs.1834 kg15′-2″21′-11″46’
24’4922 lbs.2233 kg18′-11″25′-8″53’
24’6213 lbs.2818 kg22′-8″29′-6″59’
24’7669 lbs.3479 kg26′-6″33′-3″59’
27’5120 lbs.2322 kg15′-2″22′-10″46’
27’6319 lbs.2866 kg18′-11″26′-7″53’
27’7802 lbs.3539 kg22′-8″30′-4″59’
27’9396 lbs.4262 kg26′-6″34′-1″59’
30’6608 lbs.2997 kg15′-2″23′-4″46’
30’7502 lbs.3403 kg18′-11″27′-2″53’
30’9067 lbs.4113 kg22′-8″30′-11″59’
30’10873 lbs.4932 kg26′-6″34′-8″59’
33’7637 lbs.3464 kg15′-2″24′-3″46’
33’8870 lbs.4023 kg18′-11″27′-12″53’
33’10592 lbs.4804 kg22′-8″31′-9″59’
33’12576 lbs.5704 kg26′-6″35′-6″66’
36’8565 lbs.3885 kg15′-2″25′-1″59’
36’9847 lbs.4467 kg18′-11″28′-10″59’
36’11726 lbs.5319 kg22′-8″32′-8″59’
36’13887 lbs.6299 kg26′-6″36′-5″66’
42’10767 lbs.4884 kg15′-2″26′-10″59’
42’12954 lbs.5876 kg18′-11″30′-7″66’
42’15470 lbs.7017 kg22′-8″34′-4″72’

*24” Concrete pad calculated into overall height for auger length
**Auger length is based on level ground. If ground slopes away from bin it needs to be taken into consideration

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To learn more, contact your local dealer.