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The Meridian ArchWall Wrangler is a tough, versatile, open and accessible building.  Whether you are looking for a durable livestock shelter, hay storage, equipment storage or more, the Wrangler delivers, with simple straightforward construction.

The Wrangler is 36’ deep and available in a variety of lengths to suit your requirements.  The 20-gauge galvanized steel Meridian Wrangler is also the heaviest building of its kind on the market.  Contact us today to learn more about the tough, multi-purpose Meridian Wrangler.

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1. 36’ deep with a variety of widths to meet expanding storage requirements
2. The heaviest building of its kind on the market today
3. Easy to follow instructions for the DIY and construction professional alike
4. Easy access to equipment, hay, etc.
5. Standard galvanized finish, but other colours available
6. Formed footing channel for easy connection to foundation

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1. Equipment storage
2. Livestock shelter
3. Hay storage
4. Temporary storage

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Not all models are available in every region.
93’ 2” Basic 3 Bays 93’ 2” x 36’ 0” x 15’ 10” (l x w x h)20Galvanized14,349 lbs. / 6,509 kg

62’ 5” Basic 2 Bays 62’ 5” x 36’ 0” x 15’ 10” (l x w x h)20Galvanized10,470 lbs. / 4,749 kg

31’ 3 ½” Add-On Unit Left/Right Hand Bay Addition 31’ 3 ½” x 36’ 0” (l x w)20Galvanized5,402 lbs. / 2,450 kg

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To learn more, call your local dealer.