Industrial Fertilizer Bin

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Industrial Fertilizer Bin Zoom
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Meridian’s Commercial Fertilizer Bins are designed to handle your toughest and most corrosive commodities. These bins are custom built with industrial guage steel and are powder coated inside and out to ensure years of trouble free storage.

Meridian offers a variety of powder chemistry and epoxy coating options to meet your needs.

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1. Steel gauges ranging from 3/16’’ to 14ga
2. Fully powder coated exterior and interior – epoxy and food grade approved coating available. Custom colours and decals available.
3. All welded steel construction with no interior seams or bolts
4. Stainless steel slidegates for corrosion resistance
5. Large vent lines
6. Poke holes
7. Customizable option orientation to meet site requirements
8. Stainless steel inlet cover-plates with varying size flanges to suit spouting needs
9. Customizable clearance under slidegate to suit site needs
10. Sight gauges
11. Split silos available
12. Complete Stainless Steel construction for increased longevity

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1. Seed
2. Dry or liquid fertilizer
3. Grain
4. Meal
5. DDG

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Not all models are available in every region.
Model NumberCubic FeetImp. TonsMetric Tonnes

* Based on 62lb/f3 SmoothWall Silo

** Custom design available. Contact our team today to learn more about Meridian’s SmoothWall Silos.


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Smoothwall Materials Workmanship Warranty.

To learn more, call your local dealer.