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ArchWall Buildings

Meridian ArchWall is your complete building solution no matter the requirements. This steel building system has a unique curved shape which is the result of a structural roof system comprised of galvanized steel arched panels. It’s the steel arch panels that represent the key to the superior strength of the ArchWall. 41” panels bolt together easily, sealant is applied to all seam and overlap joints to ensure a weathertight structure. All panel splices are double bolted and sealed for maximum strength and durability. Special metal flashings and rubber gaskets are used to seal endwall and side walls.

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ArchWall – Grain/Fertilizer Buildings

When you need mega storage for your grain or fertilizer, look no further than a Meridian ArchWall Building. ArchWall grain & fertilizer buildings provide the space to store product quickly at large volumes, with the option for equipment or other storage needs, offering flexibility and a faster return on your investment.  

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ArchWall – Livestock Buildings

Meridian ArchWall Buildings offer livestock producers high quality buildings that can be used for shelter, hay storage, treatment facilities and more. The durable and sturdy designs ensure generations of use on your farm. Whether you are looking for simple open-ended hay storage or a state of the art dairy barn, our team will work with you and your contractors to develop the right building for your operation.    

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ArchWall – Potato/Vegetable Buildings

Meridian’s ArchWall Buildings offer vegetable producers efficient, versatile and economical storage. Meridian ArchWall buildings are available in a single building or shared double-building design. Standard ArchWall single buildings are available in sizes up to 250,000 cwt. For producers who require flexible storage, Meridian’s shared double-buildings can be designed to store a variety of vegetables in each building. The double-building design features a shared external plenum with capacities up to 500,000 cwt., suitable for large or small operations.

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ArchWall – Shop/Recreation Buildings

Keep your equipment maintained and out of the elements  with a Meridian ArchWall Building. ArchWall buildings can be designed for cold or heated equipment storage, and allow for expansion if your storage needs grow. ArchWall buildings have been used for shops, aircraft hangars, equestrian facilities and more. ArchWall steel buildings offer more durability and security than wooden pole shed buildings. With a variety of door and end-wall options, choose the best building design for your storage needs.

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ArchWall – Super Single

The patented (CDN 2990094) Meridian Super Single is our largest, most versatile building. The Super Single is a massive single span building, achieving its size by incorporating a central interior tower structure. This single span structure allows for two large bays, and can be designed with a shared-air plenum or an independent environment for each bay. The tower also creates a safe and secure catwalk for easy access and inspection. The Super Single is an ideal solution for versatile vegetable storage or any other mammoth building that requires multiple bays.

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