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Meridian builds grist hoppers for your craft brewery. We can build them with our high quality food grade powder coated carbon steel or we can supply a Stainless Steel hopper. They can be built with legs or lugs to accommodate your scale system.

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1. Hopper bottom design for total cleanout
2. Powder coated with Food Grade coating

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Grist Hoppers are used to store finely ground products such as barley, corn, wheat and other dry products used to make mash.

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Not all models are available in every region.

Grist weight is 25lb per Cu Ft.

Meridian Grist hoppers are 4’ dia 10’ dia with a 50o cone and are sized to meet your specification.

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1. 10o roof is typical but can be changed to meet customer specifications
2. Discharge ring fits Chore Time boot or Flex Auger boot.
3. Manhole
4. Inlet Stub
5. Weigh hooks
6. Leg pads to match load cells

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To learn more, call your local dealer.