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Troubleshooting Documents

Use the following information to help you troubleshoot some common issues:

Meridian Tenders:

Troubleshooting video link – click here

Agri-Cover Install Instructions
Honda GX 160
225 RST Seed Tender Quick Start Guide

2013 Large Tenders:

Kartech remote instructions
Wiring, trouble codes and troubleshooting

2014 Large Tenders:

Agri-cover tarp remote control manual
Electrical diagram
Force America Large Tender Programming
Magentek Radio Flex FUE radio remote transmitter

2015 Large Tenders:

Quick Start Guide
Engine Harness Wiring
Complete tender wiring
Teach Nest
Hydraulic schematics
Conveyor speed calibration
How to update software
Pairing FOB key remote for lights and tarp
Tarp control box module
Conveyors don’t work
Incline conveyor won’t lift or lower
How to activate valves manually
How to flush hydraulic oil
Hydraulic gate lines blowing off or very high gate pressure
Cartridge valve replacement
Adjust gate pressure
Hydraulic fluid filter
Set hard throttle position
Service lights don’t work
Encoder offline recalibrate encoder
SKIM 10 offline
Choke not returning to open
How to calibrate the touchscreen
Set Safe Zone
Working with settings screen for 2.11.5


S-Drive conveyor under bin:

General belt alignment and servicing
Assembly instructions for under bin conveyors
Slack adjuster roll up

Incline cleated conveyors:

Install and use v belt tensioner
Slack adjuster roller setup
Field fix – conveyor intake section to transition pan seal
Conveyor belt speeding up and down
Installing anti-splash plates
Belt tracking


Australian belt guard
Kramble mover install
Replacement gear oil level

Fuel Trailers & Tanks

DEF tank issues overflowing
Fuel Tanks

Smooth Wall Bins

Smooth wall bin instructions


Convey-All Conveyors:

Changing constant velocity PTO TCH-14105-SPTO
Conveyor hopper flashing placement
Dynamic brake system package TCSNH-1000-HDMK
Hill control package (anti-roll valve)
Mover kit camera package
Reprogramming the Rowe Electronics Remote

Convey-All Tenders:

Additional flashing unloading hopper fix CST 1500
Cable throttle – solenoid BTS
Intercomp Ag scale indicator
Replace bottom swivel pin CST40
Scale bolts CST 1500

Convey-All Warranty:

Convey-All warranty service manual
Convey-All claim form



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