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SmoothWall Feed Bins

Meridian's SmoothWall Feed Bins are designed with feed quality and management in mind. With smooth cone and side-wall surfaces, a bottom cone angle of 55° or 60°, and our exclusive high slip factor powder coating, you can be sure your feed moves without hang ups or entrapments. That means reduced bridging and spoilage. Plus, our bins are more durable than poly feed bins and feature sidewall and roof ladders and a minimum 30” discharge clearance. Meridian SmoothWall Feed Bins are your best choice for all types of feed and premix. For commodities requiring a steeper cone and more capacity than a feed bin, the solution is the Meridian Steep Cone series. These bins are built with the same standards as our Multi-Purpose bins, but feature a 55-degree bottom cone in capacities up to 150 MT.