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Plastics Storage

Plastics Storage

Meridian offers solutions for all plastic handling. Resin, Powder, Pellets and Flakes can be stored in the silos seamless interior. Meridian meets the needs of users in this market with a product that is cleaned and powder coated to eliminate contaminates, and is completely sealed prior to delivery. The standard Meridian hopper bottom silo along with optional features can handle all plastic products with ease. Optional features that enhance the Meridian silo for plastic storage include fill tubes in aluminum and carbon steel, venting, safety accessories and skid foundations.

Resin Storage by MERIDIAN®

Resin Storage

The Meridian Industrial silo is an ideal storage system for the small plastic pellets known as resin. Chemical, oil exploration and recovery companies, as well as the polymer conversion industries across North America support their conveyance systems with Meridian Built storage.

Powder Storage by MERIDIAN®

Powder Storage

Manufacturers, suppliers and wholesalers of industrial plastic powders prefer lined Meridian steep cone tanks to store their commodities; contaminant free and with the assurance of no discoloration to their product. The steep cone allows for smooth, even discharge.

Flakes Storage by MERIDIAN®

Flakes Storage

Expanding markets of recycled plastic flakes require a Meridian storage system, with high slip factor cones and smooth discharge.


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Please Note: Not all models available in all regions. Some models FOB (freight charges extra) from specific Meridian plants.

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