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Custom Built Production Tanks

Meridian’s innovative Baked on Powder Coating technology combined with Meridian’s high quality workmanship sets their tanks apart as premier in the industry. Our commitment to quality, workmanship and customer service sets Meridian and our customers apart. The quality of Meridian products helps ensure our tanks withstand the rugged and unforgiving oilfield environment. Manufactured to customer specifications.

To customize your application and orientation adjustments for efficient product handling, Meridian offers a list of convenient options to improve the storage and conveyance of your product. Our staff goes beyond the engineering and design team, with sales and service representatives with a vested interest in your industrial storage needs.Oilfield tanks can either be ordered as the standard Meridian tank design or custom built to the customer design specifications.

Model List

Please Note: Not all models available in all regions. Some models FOB (freight charges extra) from specific Meridian plants.

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