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Backed by over 65 years’ experience in the design, fabrication and marketing of short line grain handling equipment, our auger movers are built strong, stable and versatile. Designed for conventional augers, our two and four-wheel movers have been engineered to fit between most above-ground hopper legs. With no undercarriage that connects the walking beams to the auger axle, the operator is allowed unrestricted movement around and underneath the auger. In addition, the mover wheels are set on independent walking beams for increased stability as high-quality gear pumps, attached to a universal mounting bracket, supply hydraulic power to the system. Finally, our unique design helps the operator because, no matter how high or low the auger is, the controls are always at waist level, right in front of you.

Model List

Please Note: Not all models available in all regions. Some models FOB (freight charges extra) from specific Meridian plants.

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