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Meridian continuously enhances its product offering through product improvements and new product innovations. Marketplace feedback, technological innovation, new materials and manufacturing methods, and a philosophy of continuous improvement constantly challenge the company to develop new and better ways of addressing market needs. Meridian is committed to innovation and reinvestment and as a result, the company maintains a portfolio of patents and intellectual property. See our patents below.

U.S. Patent 6,840,877
U.S. Patent 8,272,494
U.S. Patent 8,317,013
U.S. Patent 8,733,816
U.S. Patent 8,746,439
U.S. Patent 8,820,515
U.S. Patent 8,967,357
U.S. Patent 9,145,264
Canadian Patent 2,358,021
Canadian Patent 2,395,780
Canadian Patent 2,723,498
Canadian Patent 2,724,961
Canadian Patent 2,789,988
Canadian Patent 2,789,990
Australia Patent 2,014,203,198

U.S. Patent 8,292,065
U.S. Patent 8,770,390
U.S. Patent 9,096,385
Canadian Patent 2,748,645
Canadian Patent 2,776,604
Mexico Patent 326,261

U.S. Patent 6,396,003
U.S. Patent 6,964,551
U.S. Patent 8,746,434
U.S. Patent 8,931,995
Canadian Patent 2,767,445
Canadian Patent 2,856,240

U.S. Patent 8,375,637
U.S. Patent 8,720,079
Mexico Patent 327,716

Liquid Mobile Tank
U.S. Design Patent D741,981

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