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The Meridian JU20-12 is a fast, simple and versatile transfer belt conveyor, offering high capacities and easy placement for transferring grain, seed, or fertilizer. The JU20-12 features a 10’’ tube, 20’’ Chevron belt, collapsible intake hopper and dual swivel wheels for easy positioning, helping you farm efficiently.

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1. 10” Tube with 20” Belt
2. Up to 10,000 Bushel Capacity
3. Height adjustable undercarriage
4. Removable drawbar hitch for better accessibility
5. Collapsible intake hopper
6. Dual swivel wheels for easy positioning
Optional Features
1. 9HP Kohler Gas Drive
2. 5HP Electric Drive
3. Hopper Cover

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1. Seed
2. Grain
3. Fertilizer

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Not all models are available in every region.
GasA5’ 2’’6’ 0’’
GasB2’ 10’’4’ 0’’
GasC8’ 5’’8’ 5’’
GasD4’ 8’’4’ 8’’
ElectricA4’ 8’’5’ 4’’
ElectricB2’ 10’’4’ 0’’
ElectricC8’ 5’’8’ 5’’
ElectricD4’ 8’’4’ 8’’


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